What is the app called?


Who is this app for?

We welcome all registered Vets working in New Zealand.

What is the app about?

The app was designed for Vets in mind giving them a platform where they can be interactive with each other, share photos, videos and learn from each other.

It is also the platform for the New Zealand Calving Cup.

Why should I register?

To be able to interact with your peers, share knowledge and have social media interaction, providing you a secure, private place for vets to be vets. Join in competitions, have closed groups, be part of the wider veterinarian community.

To join the New Zealand Calving Cup and other competition for vets only.

What about my privacy?

Please refer to our privacy policy https://www.creativerefinery.co.nz/vet2vet-privacy-policy

Who is behind this app?

This app was created by Creative Refinery for the sole purpose to help foster a community amongst New Zealand Veterinarians. With the main sponsor being Bayer New Zealand.

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